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The comments will stay open for another day or so, if you want to test. Use the username Bob Smart, email is

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13 thoughts on “Comments Test Post”

  1. Bob Smart says:

    testing BB

  2. Bob Smart says:

    Testing 4

  3. Bob Smart says:

    Testing tags

    does it work

  4. Bob Smart says:

    Test 5

    1. Bob Smart says:

      Test for nesting.

      And *italic

      And **bold

      1. Bob Smart says:



  5. Bob Smart says:

    Test 6

  6. Bob Smart says:

    test quoting


  7. McGehee says:

    I use HTML tags on other sites

    all the time.

    Buttons are convenient, but not essential to me.

    1. McGehee says:

      Underline tag didn’t work, but I rarely use it anyway

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