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Google Bombing For The GOP

As recommended by John at Right Wing News Senate Connecticut: Ned Lamont Maryland: Ben Cardin Michigan: Debbie Stanbenow Missouri: Claire McCaskill Montana: Jon Tester New Jersey: Bob Menendez Tennessee: Harold Ford Virginia: James Webb Democrat Held Seats (CO-03): John Salazar (GA-03): Jim Marshall (GA-12): John Barrow (IA-03): Leonard Boswell (IL-08): Melissa Bean (IL-17): Phil Hare […]

American Flag Business

Check it out, y’all. Another wonderful blogger to add to the American Flag Roll. Give it up for Wake Up America Welcome aboard, Matey!

American Flag Business

Good morning. We of the American Flag League have another fantastic blog to add to the membership. Give it up for Diary of the Mad Pigeon Welcome aboard, Matey! You can check out a fantastic photo of the Mad Pigeon with the Flag here.

American Flag Business

A couple fine new members to add to the American Flag League. Give a big Patriotic hand to TexasFred’s Samson Blinded Welcome aboard, mateys! Now, Samson Blinded is a special case. No flag on it, however, the site has been banned from Google’s ad revenue program for “unacceptable content,” ie, standing up for Jews. The […]

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