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January 21, 2005

What Is It?

Filed under: AFL Business — William Teach @ 5:38 pm

Basically, one night, I was cruising blogs, and saw Powerline’s waving flag. I said to myself “that is cool, I’d like a flag on my blog.” So I did. Then I started thinking about others who have American Flag symbols on their pages, and, with that wild hair, I started soliciting and putting a list together. This is not meant, by an means, to denigrate anyone without one. Not having one doesn’t question anyone’s patriotism. I am just looking for folks who have the symbols on their site.

What does it take to join? Nothing more then and American Flag, or some sort of American Flag symbol on your page. It could be using Red, White, and Blue colors. It could be a babe (or, for the ladies, a guy) wearing an American Flag swimsuit. What doesn’t count is other folks’ symbols. For instance, Blogs for Bush would count. Having a Blogs for Bush Banner on your site wouldn’t. Has to be original.

Who is accepted? Anyone. Whether you be Republican, Democratic, Liberatarian, non political, humerous, whatever, doesn’t matter. Just have a symbol. Could be a Favicon (that is the little symbol in the link bar) like Amy Ridenhours National Center Blog.

What are the duties? No duties. No writings. Just a list. I may add you myself, if I run across you. Someone else may tell me. Or you can email me, and I will add you. There will be no symbol for the list. The symbol is on your site. If I have added you, and you do not want to be on the list, email me, and I will remove you.

If you want to have the list on your site, here is the code in a text file:

AFL Blogroll

PS: you might want to open this page up in Internet Explorer rather then Firefox to see the full code.

PPS: There are too many issues trying to post the proper blogroll script, so I have it full and uncut in the test file, which is hosted on my server.

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