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Islamotards Take Down The Jawa Report. For Now

Those peace and free speech lovin’ Islamotards have taken down The Jawa Report with a denial of service attack, at least for the time being. The Pirate’s Cove and American Flag League stand in solidarity with Rusty et all in defying the scumbag Islamotards, who are so loved by so many on the Left. Time […]



American Flag Business

Another fine member to add to the American Flag League. Give a big “Aaaarrrrrrr!” to The Dumb Ox Welcome aboard, Matey!

Flag Day 2006

June 14th is Flag Day. It was first celebrated in 1877, which was the 100th Anniversary of our Flag, hence the cutie pie with the 37 Star Flag. The Pledge of Allegience was first said in 1892, the 400th Anniversary of Columbus discovering America. Woodrow Wilson established Flag Day as a national celebration in 1916. […]

American Flag Business

Several new fine members to add on this almost Flag Day. Give it up for: La Dolce Divas (beautiful ladies!) Farlight-Harmunt’s Haven (From across the pond in Britain!) Welcome aboard, Mateys!

American Flag Business

Another fantastic member to add to the American Flag League. Give it up for 123beta Welcome aboard, Matey!

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