Fire In My Neighboorhood

I was coming home from work around 6:15pm, and was wondering why there were so many cars parked, and parked poorly, as I approached my street. Then I saw the fire trucks, and my heart jumped into my throat. Fortunately for me, wasn’t my townhome. Unfortunately, these young kids who just moved in a couple down the streat lost everything.

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Click the left one for big size. The one on the left beyond destroyed, and the one on the right might as well be. The brick one has some water damage, but, cannot go down to see the sides. If you notice the white one, the siding has melted. Fortunately for them, there is no damage inside. Started around 3pm or so, and there were still lots of trucks, including a hook and ladder, as they tried to keep it from spreading, including to the woods, which are, of course, very dry.


From the left photo, you can see the backyard burned, and how it approaced the vegetation. Not pictured is how the vegetation is blown sideways due to the winds caused by the heat.

Say a prayer for those home owners.

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